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Captured Love - Juliana Haygert

Jessica Hayes after discovering her boyfriend, Ryan, had cheated on her and her father humiliated her in front of a load of people fled to Cleveland to live with her grandmother. After four years and the past still not completely behind her she has to return to Lexington as her father is dying. Once there she realises you can't run from your past, especially when there's love thrown into the mix.

This was an interesting read. Although it starts off pretty slow it picks up speed quickly leaving you not only wanting more but keen to find out what will happen next. There were some grammatical errors but they weren't very noticeable and were few and far between.

I loved the characters, especially Ryan and Jessica. I couldn't get enough of them and was rooting for them from the start. I love a feisty but sweet heroine and Jessica was definitely that - more so after a few tequilas. Ryan just sounded like a hunk. Their turbulent relationship the moment Jessica arrived back in town was rocky to say the least. Jessica avoided him so the past could remain hidden and he avoided her for his own reasons. It's not until he eventually tells her how the past four years has affected him that she realises she wasn't the only one hurting. Their love story was brilliant, sometimes cheesy, but brilliant. The supporting characters were great. The friends of both protagonists were supportive through and through.

The story once it really got started was one that kept you hooked and wanting to turn the page, even if it was just to find out that it got better for either protagonists. You were definitely left guessing - cheesy it might have been but it wasn't generic.