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How Did All This Happen? - John Bishop

I have been a huge fan of John Bishop for quite a while now. When I first found out he was going to have an autobiography coming out I was excited, to say the least. The only disappointment I had was that it took me so long to get the book.

Throughout John Bishop's autobiography you get a real sense of understanding and appreciation for the man behind the jokes. It's not every day that you come across a celebrity who loves what they do without feeling the need to brag about it. I find John keeps it real. He takes you on a journey through his life and you begin to see that he's not like most celebs - he actually did things before he became famous. He talks about his family, his stumble into comedy, his bike ride across Australia and his Sport Relief challenge with passion and pride.

I did feel that he put maybe a bit too much thought and attention to his earlier life than his comedy career but I didn't for one moment find it dull.

I loved the moment when he cracked a joke about the ex-wife's, in the earlier days, only to then find her face in the audience staring back at him. I found myself, like I do when he's on the TV, laughing constantly.

The book is thoroughly enjoyable and definitely has a huge dose of John's humour in it.