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Paradise Parade - Anne Baker

Emily Barr believes she has finally made a life for herself when she becomes engaged to Giles Wythenshaw, son of the owner of Wythenshaw's jewellery factory. Emily overlooks all of his flaws knowing that he will be the answer of getting out of her step-father's clutches and the fish and chip shop she despises. Giles has other plans and loves and knows he needs a scapegoat if he's ever to keep it all a secret. When all is revealed can Giles keep it all from his wife's ears? Will everything one day be forgiven? For Giles the silver spoon is soon to be snatched from his mouth and have him understand truly how the other half actually live.

This book was good, it was interesting and it read well. It had its moments of dullness but that's really to be expected. It was written quite well. Its just I felt some of the story could have been kept out - it didn't add much to the overall story.

The characters were easy to connect with. The Wythenshaw men really got on my wick. They were far to arrogant, egotistical and hypocritical. After a while I found this got quite old quickly. Emily was very, very naïve almost to the point of being childlike. She took everything for face value and believed all the bull that came out of Giles' mouth. I was glad when she finally found her backbone and told him how it is. Sylveen I had a love/hate relationship with. I loved how she knew what she wanted and her strength but then I wasn't too keen on her willing to lie to keep face and keep what she had.

The story kept me guessing but I wouldn't put it down as a page turner. It just didn't keep me that hooked on it. I found by the end I was forcing myself to read on so I could move on to another book.

The ending was nice and not something I was expecting. It was definitely worth persevering through the boring-ish parts.