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A Patch Of Blue - Sharon Mikeworth

Carrie Sinclair on witnessing her husband's infidelity decides she needs to get away. When she finds out she can't get on a cruise at short notice, Abby, her travel agent recommends Fiji. Carrie jumps at the opportunity just as long as she's away from her husband. A few days before she's due to return everything changes on the day she goes out to one of the surrounding islands, with a group to go snorkelling.

This was an interesting read. It was well-written apart from the few grammatical errors, kids instead of kind and can instead of came just being a couple of examples.

I don't know why but from the start I assumed this book had something to do with someone falling into a coma - I have no idea where that came from. This book has nothing in the slightest to do with comas. After Carrie's world changed I found the story became a bit too coincidental and far-fetched. I mean everything she wanted she found.

I loved Jesse. He was so damn adorable and very much the gentleman. I'm not sure what I make of Carrie. She was a great protagonist but I seriously wanted to punch her when she walked back to her husband. She had it going good and was prepared to live a lie. I'm glad she realised it all before it was too late. I did feel that as soon as she was back in Fiji, after being rescued, everything went a bit too fast in her life. Maybe that's how it goes after a traumatic experience.

I did get a bit confused at one point because she was on about having called Ally back at the hotel but I'm sure she called Abby! Oh well.

I was not expecting anything that this book threw at me. I liked that. It didn't seem to predictable. I thoroughly enjoyed Carrie's time on the island. It made me think of what I would have done had I been in that position and I don't think I'd have had her willpower. I wasn't jumping for joy to continue reading this book but once I picked it up and started I didn't want to put it down.