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If it's wrong to love you - H J Martinez

Rosario, Maria and Sara are three women from the same family. Rosario's husband is brutal and she does everything she can to protect the two things she loves most in the world - her children. For Maria things aren't going so well and she flees to start over, abandoning her life. She finds happiness and has a beautiful daughter. It's not until she has an accident and finds herself waking up from a coma and that her daughter, Sara, is in Spain with José, Maria's brother, that Maria is forced to confront her past.

I really enjoyed this book although I did find some parts marginally boring. The twists and turns in the story making it thoroughly enjoyable. The story leaves you thinking one thing is going to happen and then is changes. It definitely ends up leaves you guessing.

I loved Maria. She was kind, caring, loyal and strong, just not strong enough. I thought her and Antonio were great together. It's a shame things couldn't have been better. Sara, was another great character. She was so very much like her mother. I wasn't too interested in Isabel, I'm glad she wasn't too involved in the story and was a minor character. There was something about her that makes me think she'd have made the story dull. The part she had in the story was enough.

One thing I didn't understand though is near the beginning Sara was told things, eg. her grandfather had passed, but yet still asked several pages on what had happened to him. I'm not sure if she's looking for confirmation, or just continuing a conversation with someone, but it left me somewhat confused.

The characters felt real. You could sense their pain, their anger, their angst and heartbreak, even their happiness.

The ending was fantastic. I wasn't expecting it in the slightest but it makes sense. I'm glad that's what happened. I have to say the last 50 pages were definitely my favourite. I loved that after all the pain throughout the book all of the problems were solved, that the characters were no longer hurting because some had suffered terribly.