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Redemption (Reaper) - Jon Grahame

Reaper and Sandra having come face-to-face with soldiers from Redemption, the new-world government, before are determined to find out what kind of threat they are to haven, "The Federation, and the other communities within the UK. Little do they know that another army, of hooligans, from the North are planning an attack. Can the Blues protect everybody from the last two known uncivilised groups with few death count or is this the end of The Reaper and The Angel of Death.

I didn't find this one as good as the previous two. I'll admit it was good, it was still fast paced, in places, and full of action but it lagged a bit in certain places. It seemed to drag a bit.

I still love the characters although most of my favourites had died. The Angel was as fierce and bad ass as ever. Yank had much more of a role and it was great to finally see more of her personality and development of her character a bit more. The bad guys at Redemption weren't what I was expecting. I was expecting somebody tough and hard core but I was slightly disappointed. Most of them were ultimately cowards, I suspect little man syndrome.

I loved the siege at Redemption. I just love the fast paced action, the gore, the murder, the tactics and strategy. They were outnumbered considerably - they have been in the past and it was obvious they would be again.

I wish the story hadn't lagged and been a bit long winded at times. Having read the first two books I was used to the style of Jon Grahame but even then I was left to guess at times. Some of it was obvious what was to happen. I have to admit I had a chuckle, or two, throughout the book especially when the bad guys were being defeated.

Angel - Jon Grahame
  Post-apocalyptic England is getting better but there is still gangs intent on creating more mayhem and warfare. After the deaths of their loved ones and fellow community, Reaper and Sandra, are determined more than ever to help protect "The Federation." They are needed at York where there has been a shift in power and once again somebody is determined to overrun Haven. Can Haven and "The Federation" stop the bad guys before it's too late?

I loved this book. It was a great sequel to "Reaper." It was well-written and like it's prequel was fast paced and full of action.

I can't get enough of Reaper and The Angel - I love Sandra's nickname. They're cold blooded killers but their reasons behind it are honourable. It's life or death and good is always supposed to conquer evil. All of the characters are fantastic - from the evil to the good. I think I have found a place in my heart for the ever eccentric Brother Abraham. In "Reaper" he seems a bit of a freak and possibly with a hidden agenda but that all changes in this book. We learn he really isn't a bad soul. You can't help but think that these characters feel real. If this was actually happening you can imagine that this is what would happen, the people, the atmosphere, it all just fits.

The best part has to be the siege at York. The terror, the death toll, the force, the action, all made for a thoroughly enjoyable read.

This is one of those books where what you think is going to happen isn't. Some of it was maybe predictable. We knew Reaper wasn't going to die but none-the-less it was still enjoyable. There were some well-written emotional scenes. They were sad and you felt their pain.

Like "Reaper" this story definitely grips you and keeps you wanting to find out more.


Reaper - Jon Grahame

Jim Reaper is determined to avenge the rape of his 14 year old daughter after finding out the man who committed the act is out after only three years. He's so wrapped up in avenging that he fails to notice the super-SARS virus that is spreading astronomically around him. There's only two kinds of people left - the criminally minded hell bent on doing as they please and the one's hoping to restart civilisation. Can civilisation rebuild itself or is it doomed for extinction?

I didn't hold much hope out for this book there was just something about it's blurb that didn't get me excited, it sounded a bit dull. I was wrong. It was just amazing. It was a well written, exciting, fast paced action thriller that ended up being a page turner that I could not put down.

It's hard to imagine what the world would be like with 98% of the world's population perished, no law and order and every man for himself. Jon Grahame did a superb job with creating the scene and tension of total anarchy.

I loved the characters, they all had their own unique personalities - whether good or bad. Reaper was a fantastic protagonist. He was brave, daring and always in the heart of the action. He didn't think he was worth much but he was looked upon with respect and admiration by his fellow community. I wanted him to find the happiness he deserved. I also loved his right-hand man, Sandra. Her fierce loyalty and devotion was awe-inspiring.

Some parts of the book are moving and even brought a small tear to my eye. There were parts where you were left guessing but after that it was obvious. You knew there was going to be some fast paced action, some blood shed and ultimately death for some. The action scenes were written extremely well, almost to the point where you could have been peering out of a window watching it all before your eyes.

Queen of Bedlam - Laura  Purcell

Queen Charlotte is determined to keep her children close. With King George III setting a law in parliament stating he has to pass any marriages the young princesses don't seem to stand a chance. Will they have their chance of marriage like their sister, Charlotte, Princess Royal, or are the aging princesses destined to be deeply unhappy spinsters helping to look after their father who is succumbing to madness?

I love reading historical books they have a certain air about them. This was a fantastic read that had clearly been well researched. I'm not a huge fan of multiple points of view, Queen Charlotte's, Charlotte, Princess Royal's and Princess Sophia's, but I found that it was very well written.

I loved and hated the characters. The Queen at the beginning is very easy to sympathise with but when she slowly allows bitterness to encase her it gets harder. Admittedly she never had the easiest of lives. She suffered greatly but she wasn't willing to let go. I loved Charlotte, Princess Royal, because although she suffered the one thing she dreaded she still managed to cling on to hope. She had all that she needed and I think eventually she realised this. I'm not sure what I make of Princess Sophia. I wanted to like her but I just couldn't connect with her.

I think the ending was the best. That sounds wrong but it was. After all that the Royals had been through they were peaceful and content. They all got what they wanted which was nice. I'm not into everything been tied up into a neat little bow but I think here it was needed. I did enjoy the part where Charlotte, Princess Royal, was losing herself but managed to bring herself back.

This is a book everybody should at least give a try, it's one that will leave you guessing and definitely wanting more. It's a page turner all right.

Montana in A Minor - Elaine Russell

Having been let down by her father, a famous symphony conductor, Emily Lopez heads to Montana with her family to spend the next three weeks on her step-grandfather's ranch. At first she finds it a boring place to be and spends the majority of her time learning her cello piece for her upcoming competition. Everything changes, though, when she meets summer ranch hand, Breck!

I took one look at this book and really didn't think it'd be my cup of tea but I decided to give it a go anyway. I'm glad to say I did because I couldn't put it down. I just wanted to know what was going to happen next to the characters.

I loved Breck, he's exactly the kind of man I adore - just the right amount of cockiness whilst having a sense of humour and being sweet. I thought he made Emily more exciting, without him she'd have been slightly dull. I'm not too sure what to make of Emily. She was a bit too self-pitying to me. She wanted everything to go her way and got all angst-y when she did things wrong. She had her moments but they were few and far between. All of the characters had a kind of realistic side to them. They were all easy to connect to and be able to understand their problems and their angst.

The scenes were well written even if there were times I somewhat struggled to envision being there. There were scenes I enjoyed more than others like when they went to the rodeo. I couldn't put the book down after that point eager to know all was well. For me that was one of the best parts of the book.

There was a part in the book that left me confused and Breck at one point was called "Break" but that is just me nit-picking

Connie Of Kettle Street - Carol Rivers
  Connie, who is a typist working for Daltons, isn't ready yet to settle down and have kids. She wants to work her way up the career ladder and avoid poverty. Everything changes one day when she's helping younger brother Billy cover his mess and she hears a noise. She sticks to her instincts and helps and she ends up with a little boy, Lucky, in her care. Engaged and also becoming attached to Lucky, will she have her happy ending of Vic, her fiancé, coming back alive whilst also being able to enjoy watching Lucky grow up?

This was a brilliant book, it was well written as well as being gripping and a page turner.

All of the characters felt real and you are able to make a connection with them. I loved Ada, to me she wasn't mentioned enough, she was fun, lively, humorous and had something about her that the other characters just didn't have. I also thought the young GI, Clint Hershey, was absolutely wonderful. I was hoping something would happen between him and Connie, after all he adored her or so it seemed. I, however, didn't like Lucky's maternal grandfather and didn't from the first time he was mentioned. He's what you'd want in a somewhat villain character - sinister with a hidden agenda.

The scenes were well written and descriptive enough so you can imagine being there without being drained from being overwhelmed. You're definitely left wondering about what is going to happen next.

This book was later republished under the title of 'Cockney orphan.'